About us

FOSY is a registered charity affiliated with the Sassoon Yehuda Sephardi Synagogue. We provide kindness and support to the Melbourne Sephardi community, and also the wider Melbourne Jewish Community, through free kosher meals, and outreach.

In addition to our charitable and outreach work, we are focused on maintaining our cultural heritage with programs, and events as well as education programs focusing on Judaism, Hebrew and our Sephardi traditions.

We want to ensure the Sephardi community remains vibrant and thriving.

“Let us never fail our responsibility to change things for the better ”

Chief Rabbi Mirvis

We help all

Our outreach work helps all, but is specifically aimed at those people who are isolated, lonely, struggling with emotional and/or financial means.

All our food is certified kosher by Kosher Australia and under the supervision of Rabbi Kessly.
This means our food can be distributed and help all Jews irrespective of their observance and kashrut level.

Sephardi Learning

Programs and events to inspire, teach and educate our community, and the wider community about our cultural heritage.

Nutritious Meals​

Provide tubs of nutritious soup and meals, kosher, and free, as well as salads and baked goods to those in need.

Social Engagement

We arrange communal lunches, fostering companionship for the socially isolated, lonely, or in need of outreach.

Welcome environment​

Our Rabbi offers outreach and a welcoming environment for the lonely, providing a listening ear.

Our masters taught: loving-kindness (chessed) is greater than charity (tzedakah) in three ways. Charity is done with one’s money, while loving-kindness may be done with one’s money or with one’s person. Charity is done only to the poor, while loving-kindness may be given both to the poor and to the rich. Charity is given only to the living, while loving-kindness may be shown to the living and the dead (Talmud Balvi, Succah 49b)

We’re all about kindness, helping those in need, and preserving our cultural heritage.

Meet our Committee

Joanne Levy


Guiding our charity with heart, I’m dedicated to fostering positive changes, and ensuring our Sephardi heritage and culture is honoured, celebrated and preserved.

Abraham Cohen


Navigating numbers with care, I ensure our charity’s financial health is maintained. I am passionate about fundraising, and raising the profile of FOSY within the wider community.

Lara Cohen


Organising with a smile, I keep our charity’s heart beating by efficiently documenting and maintaining our records, minutes and essential files.