FOSY is all about Compassion, Chesed, Kindness, Outreach and
Celebrating and Preserving our Sephardi Heritage

We offer kindness, support, care packs, and/or free kosher meals to those facing isolation, loneliness, or emotional and financial struggles.

Our focus also extends and encompasses cultural heritage preservation via events and educational programs, ensuring a robust and thriving Sephardi presence.

Care Packs

We provide free kosher meals, care packages, delicious salads, and quality free fruit and vegetables to those in need.


Confidential Taharat HaMishpacha assistance is available for women in Australia and New Zealand, providing support in a secure environment.

Home care

We aid busy individuals by offering care through visits. Our coordinator supports loved ones with compassion and outreach.

In just two years we achieved


Free Kosher Meals


Free Care Packs


Calls & Visits


Social Events

Our generous donors

We are truly blessed to have these donors supporting us, allowing us to provide care, and compassion to those in need. We thank them for their ongoing support to FOSY.

You can make a difference

Join us in fostering positivity and community support. Your help makes a real difference for those battling social isolation, loneliness, and challenges.